Hi there, welcome to my blog!

I’m a millennial mom and internet content creator from Vancouver, BC, Canada. When I’m not filming or taking pictures on my camera or iphone, I’m usually whipping something up in the kitchen or catching a breeze at the park with my family. I like to call myself a domestic engineer and I really try to do it all when it comes to providing and caring for my family. I am married to my high school sweetheart and after two years of marriage and one year of trying to conceive, we were blessed with two children who are the center of our world.

I started this blog to post about hairstyles and beauty but as life went on, more things have gauged my interest and motherhood was one of them. I feel thankful that a lot of you have been following me on the internet for the past ten years and now have a family too. It’s almost like we are in it together and I think that’s wonderful. Thank you for allowing me to share my interests and a part of my life with you.

xo, Nee